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A Community Effort:

The costs involved in running the league are numerous, from field rental and insurance to equipment and referees.  Unfortunately, only a portion of our financial needs are met through registration fees, which are intentionally kept below $100 to allow as many women in the community to partake as possible.

We need help from the business community to help us achieve our goals.  This league could not function without support from organizations and people like you in the form of sponsorships.  Your assistance provides an opportunity for women to socialize and network while participating in a recreational activity that helps provide a healthier lifestyle and alleviates a little of life’s stress.

Mutually Beneficial Partnership:

The contributions made through our sponsorship program help pay the costs of running the league, and enables us to purchase equipment that will benefit every player in the league. In return, the ROOTS Women’s League, LLC will put you in front of an audience of families from Tucker and greater metro Atlanta area.  Our sponsorship program provides you with a blend of options that include in-person and online marketing opportunities.


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