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ROOTS (Recreational Organized Outdoor Team Sports) Women's League is a recreational women's sports organization that provides women athletes over the age of 18 a high quality  sports experience to everyone regardless of ability, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, socioeconomic status or country of origin. 

The ROOTS Women's League is inspired by Anne Barr (founder of the Decatur Women's  Sports League), Terri Moss (Owner of Buckhead Fight Club, retired 3-time  world champion boxer) and badass women everywhere.

The ROOTS Women’s League will offer Spring and Fall Softball and Summer Basketball. ROOTS will also offer other activities throughout the year such as group hiking, kayaking, and trips to sporting events as well. My name is Lindsey Struck and I’m the founder and commissioner of the ROOTS Women’s League, LLC. I’m currently an EMT but I graduated with a sports management degree from Kennesaw State and worked as an Assistant Athletic Program Supervisor for the City of Decatur for ten years organizing and running their sports programs. I met Anne Barr in 2008 and started playing softball in her Decatur Women’s Sports League. Over the years of playing and volunteering in the DWSL I met my wife and my best friends. I came out, got sober, built a healthier lifestyle, and found who I was in that league.  I want the ROOTS Women’s League to be a continuation of that.


My goals for the ROOTS Women's League are to...

   • Provide a positive, organized, fun, recreational experience for every athlete involved.

   • Allow women to socialize and network with each other.

   • Give back to the community. Whether its an organized park/river clean up activity, 

      clothing drive, or monetary donation to local charity.

We'd love for you to come out and join us, meet some new people, and get active!

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